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Earrings for Tunnels

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Online store  «69LEVEL» offers to buy earrings for tunnels. They are weighty enough and can be an alternative to plugs, extending rings and spirals. They stretch an earlap little by little and have lots of design variations. Masters choose earrings for tunnels because it's stylish and unusual.

Brass Earrings For Tunnels Brass Earrings For Tunnels 61.50$ (pair) 115.90$
Black glass ear weight Tribal Glass Ear Weight 61.50$ (pair) 120.50$
Blue Turquoise Stone Spirals Stone Spirals 55.40$ (pair) 82.40$
Figured Brass Earrings Stone Brass Earrings 67.90$ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Brass Earrings 49.55$ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Brass Earrings 90.00$ (pair)
Handmade Figured Brass Ear Weight Stone Brass Tunnel 44.20$ (pair)
Figured Single Flared Screw Fit Brass Tunnels Brass Tunnel 36.60$ (pair)

Popular types of earrings for tunnels:

Earrings for tunnels are usually made of metal. It may be in the form of a big ring, or flyweight on a hanger. This type of jewelry is one-off rather than for daily life. It's perfectly fits to women due to adornment.

The «69 LEVEL» store sells earrings of following design:

  • with different religious symbolics;
  • in the form of flowers and stars;
  • fantasy work;
  • with incrustation, casting decarations;
  • decorated by skulls and other figures.

Good buy with «69 LEVEL»

Citizens of any russian city and other countries can buy earrings for tunnels on a budget. The «69 LEVEL» store has a wide choice of payment methods including online banking and bank transfer. We offer low prices and we are responsible for quality of our products. Express yourself without damage to health and upcharges!

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