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Titanium Internal Screw Barbell 1.2mm Titanium Barbell 6.50$ (item) 10.00$
Titanium Internal Screw Barbell 1.6mm Titanium Barbell 6.50$ (item) 10.00$
Sterilized  16g Titanium Eyebrow Ring w/ Ball Titanium Eyebrow Ring 3.94$ (item) 5.25$
Sterilized Solid Titanium Horseshoe with Balls Titanium Horse Shoe 4.06$ (item) 6.25$
Sterilized Titanium Segment Ring w/ Ball Titanium Ring 3.19$ (item) 3.75$
Sterilized Solid Titanium Barbells Titanium Barbell 3.94$ (item) 5.25$
Titanium Nose Screw w/ Swarovski® Top Sterilized Titanium Nose Screw 3.25$ (item) 5.00$
14g Dermal Titanium Anchor with 2 Hole & Top Titanium Dermal Anchor 7.09$ (item) 15.75$
Solid Titanium Horseshoe with Balls Titanium Horse Shoe 3.85$ (item) 5.50$
Накрутка для пирсинга и микродермалов из титана с внутренней резьбой для украшений толщиной 1,6мм с кабошонами SWAROVSKI® Titanium Piercing Top 3.85$ (item) 5.50$
16g Dermal Titanium Anchor with 2 Hole Titanium Dermal Anchor 6.88$ (item) 12.50$
Miltex Biopsy Dermal Punch - Sterilized Disposable Punches for Dermal Anchors Biopsy Dermal Punch 5.48$ (item) 6.45$
Colored Acrylic Piercing Top Ball Acrylic Ball 0.24$ (item)
Set of 50 Acrylic Colored Labrets Acrylic Labrets Set 7.60$ (set) 19.00$
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