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Dermal Anchors/ Skin Divers

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Dermal anchors and skin divers are most advanced jewelries in piercing. You can fix them to places where it's difficult to use rings, barbells and dangle rings. They were made for people who like to impress and don't afraid of еpatage. Here you can find skin divers and dermal anchors in the form of flat with plane barbell and wraps with anchors.

Characteristics of dermal anchors and skin divers 

Unlike other jewelries dermal anchors and skin divers don't feed through a hole, but should be implanted to skin. That's why such jewelries are made of special meterials for example titanium, which does not slough and does not cause any allergies.

It's fashionably to fix dermal anchors:

  • in the middle of forehead, next to eyes and eyebrows; 
  • on collarbones and и in the dimple between them;
  • in solar plexus;
  • on neck and other places.

Why «69 LEVEL»

The «69 LEVEL» store allows to buy dermal anchors and skin divers at affordable price with quick shipping to your city. We deliver our products throughout Russia and other countries. All the jewelries in our catalogue pass the common standards of health service. We sell high-quality dermal anchors and skin divers so you can change your look without risk for your health!

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