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Eyebrow ring is far less than standard dangle ring and it allows to fix it in an unusual manner. It's irreplaceable for piercing of Septum, Ashleypiercing, Estrum, horizontal labret and Daat. In this section you can find rings for piercing in length from 6 to 19 mm in the most creative design variations.

16g Square CZ Prong Set Ends Internally Threaded 316L Surgical Steel Eyebrow Curved Barbells 316L Steel Eyebrow Ring 123.00 (item) 217.00

Wide variety of eyebrow rings

Classical eyebrow rings are made of surgical steel or titanium. Products from higher price segment are made of noble metals. The cheapest and colourful items are made of acryl and bioplast. The decoration of wrapping is also very important for design of eyebrow rings. 

Eyebrow rings are usually decorated by:

  • acrylic beads;
  • insertions of crystals;
  • semiprecious stones;
  • tiny pendents;
  • all sorts of figures.

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