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Look at septum clickers which are made of high quality and reliable materials. Order them today from our online store by calling us, our phone numbers you can find on the website.

Nose piercing looks very beautiful and peculiar. If you've decided to do it, firstly you should choose right type of material. One of the most popular decisions at the moment is septum clickers.

What is septum clicker?

Clickers are small jewelries made of metal (sometimes precious), which are usually fixed in nasal septum. It’s important to notice that there is no need to pierce a cartilage that is extremely painful procedure. In addition the jewelry it can be seen approximately for two-thirds. In general it is more than enough to accent your individuality.

What materials are septum clickers made of? 

It's necessary to bear in mind that material selection directly influences over jewelry exterior and its price. Nowadays septum clickers are usually made of:

  • gold;
  • Titanium;
  • platinum;
  • brass;
  • surgical steel and other metals.
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