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Faux Spirals

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Faux spiral is a creative approach within everyone's grasp. It's not necessary to stretch an earlap because this jewelry has an usual stud fixing. However exteriorly faux spirals look like true spirals. They always look stylish and bright, attracting attention to owner.

Black Figured Buffalo Horn Unpolished Fake Spirals Buffalo Horn Fake Spirals 15.00$ (pair) 20.00 $
Black Figured Buffalo Horn Fake Spirals Buffalo Horn Fake Spirals 24.00$ (pair) 40.00 $
White Bone Sea Horse Fake Spirals Bone Fake Spirals 33.00$ (pair) 44.00 $
White Figured Bone Fake Spirals Bone Fake Spirals 40.00$ (pair) 72.00 $
Black Areng Wood Fake Spirals Wood Fake Spiral 18.00$ (pair) 32.00 $
White Figured Bone Fake Spirals Bone Fake Spirals 22.00$ (pair) 32.00 $
Sono Wood Fake Spirals for ear piercing, Surgical Steel Barbell 316L Sono Wood Fake Spirals 14.00$ (pair) 24.00 $
Figured Sawa Wood Faux Spirals w/ 316L Surgical Steel Barbell Sawa Wood Faux Spirals 16.00$ (pair) 24.00 $

Fashionable types of faux spirals

Faux spirals are original jewelries and often made of valuable wood species, horns, bone or brass. Not very expensive acrylic jewelries are popular too. All faux spirals consist of two divided dowelled parts made of surgical steel. They have peculiar forms.

Popular forms of fashionable faux spirals:

  • simple curls;
  • flowers and plants;
  • wings and birds;
  • fantastic animals;
  • intricate arabesques.

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