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Belt buckle is an essential element of modern look and the simplest way to come into notice. There are general models, which can be used with different belts, leather or textile, in our catalog. All buckles are made of stainless alloys. They can be decorated by enamel, blacking, artistic casting, engraving, emblems, incrustations. 

Steel Belt Buckle Skull Steel Belt Buckle 3.10$ (item) 5.97 $

What belt buckles does «69 LEVEL» sell

There are lots of unusual forms of buckles with offbeat design. Catalog consists of big-name products, including american. Here you can find an appropriate addition to your look for men and women. 

Popular belt buckles:

  • in a form of hearts;
  • skulls and skeletons;
  • ironical and animated stylistics;
  • standard rectangular in shape;
  • based on films or music bands.

How to order an ultrafashionable accessory

You can buy not expensive belt buckles in Moscow in no time at all. Online shopping. It's possible to pay online or in phone shop, terminal, post office. Ample opportunities for delivery allow us to serve customers all over the world. Also you can get a discount from 5% to 25% depending on order amount. «69 LEVEL» is online store of buckles at affordable prices and excellent service. 

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