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Ultramodern and informal looks need special pendants and necklaces. You can find them in «69 LEVEL» store. We have brutal jewelry made of black steel, romantic gold shades, authentic made of horn, bone, shells and shark teeth. Pendants can be used with any laces and chains (sometimes they come together), and necklaces are already complete jewelries.

Figured Brass Pendant Brass Pendant 19.00 $ (item)
Figured White Brass Pendant Brass Pendant 19.00 $ (item)
Figured Bronze Pendant Pentagram Bronze Pendant 16.00 $ (item)
Guitar Stainless Steel Pendant Steel Pendant 21.00 $ (pair)
Figured Carved Horn Pendant Horn Pendant 36.00 $ (item)
Figured Carved Horn Pendant Horn Pendant 9.00$ (item) 16.00 $
Figured Brass Pendant Brass Pendant 19.00 $ (item)
Figured Brass Pendant Brass Pendant 19.00 $ (item)

What you can choose on the «69 LEVEL» website 

«69 LEVEL» sells jewelry both for womwn and for men. They can be decorated by feathers, incrustations, carving, coloured enamel. There are some fashoin lines where you can find what you are looking for. 

The most popular pendants and necklaces:

  • with religious symbols (crosses, hamsa);
  • fantasy style with fictitious beings;
  • goth and empire-style;
  • anomalistic and floral design;
  • womanly (in the form of hearts, butterflies, keys);
  • rocker theme (with skulls, motorbikes).

About the «69 LEVEL» store

Fashionists rely on «69 LEVEL» to buy cheap and stylish jewelry because it is profitably and ease. We buy all the jewelries directly from suppliers, that's why there are affordable prices on the site. Every order is written up online and can be shipped all over the world. You can make payment online via internet banking, terminal, in phone stores, in post offices. Improve your look with «69 LEVEL»!

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