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A ring is an airtight jewelry, which never seems excessive. It equally befits to both men and women. Our store sells rings of goth, rock, ultramodern and romantic style. There are a lot of items made of steel, titanium, wolframite, silver, buffalo horn. Rings are decorated by bright crystals, artistic casting and carving. 

Fianit CZ Infront 316L Stainless Steel Ring 316L Steel Ring 11.00 $ (item)
316L Stainless Steel Ring Gem Infront 316L Steel Ring 11.00 $ (item)
Gems Front 316L Stainless Steel Ring 316L Steel Ring 8.00$ (item) 11.00 $
316L Stainless Steel Ring Gem Infront 316L Steel Ring 12.00 $ (item)
Black IP Over 316L Stainless Steel Ring w/ Gems Infront 316L Steel Ring 10.00$ (item) 14.00 $
Sono Wood Ring Handmade Sono Wood Ring 6.00$ (item) 12.00 $

Rings trends

The «69 LEVEL» store sells rings from 2-3 mm to 1,5 cm in width. According to form it can be volume or flat (ribbon type). We made all these products past filter by professionals and each item rises to current fashion craze.

Latest types of rings:

  • blackened and chromized;
  • with colored and iridescent anodising;
  • in the form of skulls, snakes, clows and wolves;
  • with hearts, floral elements; 
  • themed on moveis and comics.

What should be a good jewelry store

We offer to buy cheap rings in Moscow from expert commercial company «69 LEVEL». All the prices in our store are affordable and service is deserved the highest mark. All because we give our clients a free hand in payment and shipping methods. Also our store gifts discounts up to 25% to our clients. Buy and spin out money with «69 LEVEL»! 

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