Important information

After receipt of payment your order will be shipped to your address during 5 working days according to selected delivery method.
Minimum order is 400 rub. (6 USD).
After ordering on a prepaid basis and default of payment during 5 days the order will be canceled.

Our site doesn't save any electronic wallet numbers or passwords, all financial arrangements are conducted by RBK Money or other services in the process of safer Internet connection.

All necessary instructions you will get over the course of payment.

Payment methods

Cash on delivery

Payment in a post office as received. +10% from the cost of order.

This payment method is available only for Russian Federation on delivery by Russian Post.

Maximum order is 3 000 rub.

Bank payment / Online banking

When choosing this payment method you can pay using online banking (invoice details will be given in receipt printing) or pay in a bank upon receipt without opening of an account.

Please make sure you retain for your records till you sign up an order.

Money transmission

Zolotaya KoronaWestern UnionContact

(You can read a list of banks and commission rates on the sites of payment systems)

RBK Money

Payment using RBK Money wallet.

it is understood that there is enough money in your wallet, you remember your login (e-mail, which was used to register your wallet) and payment password (it differs from login password!). In order to pay using wallet, it is necessary to choose "RBK Money wallet" in the block “Other payment methods”.

Bank card payment

Сard charge is possible: VISA (including VISA Electron), Mastercard 

Previously, bank should confirm a possibility of card payment in internet as of using password confirmation 3D Secure (Verified by VISA or Mastercard Secure Code).

Payment terminals

Safe and proven method of cash acceptance - using payment terminal. You can find a list of terminals, which you can use for no-fee payment and see the result of money remittance just after payment, when choosing the payment method "Payment terminals".

It is NECESSARY to take a check from a terminal and save it till delivery of products.

Mobile phone outlets

How to pay:

  1. Say to cashier you are going to pay over the payment service RBK Money.
  2. Say account number - 10********.
  3. Give money to cashier.
  4. It is necessary to take a check and save it till delivery of products.


After you loged in your online banking, go to "Payments and Transmissions" section, then "E-wallets", then "RBKMoney". After that you should type-in the account number (starts with 10..) and amount of payment.

This type of payment is momentary.


Please, log in to your personal account on the site of Sberbank -> "Payments and Transmissions" section, then type "RBK" in a search box of this section, there should be green "RBK Money" in search results, click it (any of them), then you will be redirected to page where you should choose a card (if you have more than one) and enter the account number of RBK Money (no more invoice details are requested). In a line of account name there should be “ООО НКО «Единая касса»”. Next step is to type-in an amount of payment and confirm your payment by one-time password, which you will get via SMS from Sberbank. 

Usually, this type of payment is momentary. But there were times, when bank system needed some time for payment processing. 

If you have some questions about actions in your personal account of Sberbank Online, you should contact to support services of the bank for detail instructions.

All russian cities and worldwide shipping!

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