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Terms of the offer

Terms and definitions

1. General conditions
2. Site registration
3. Ordering and lead time
4. Delivery, return and exchange
5. Payment
6. Warrants and product liability
7. Privacy and personal data protection 
8. Other terms and conditions

Terms and definitions

Client - individual person legally capable to act, who places Orders on the website, who is noted as Goods receiver or who uses Goods from

Seller - self-employed entrepreneur Reznichenko Georgy Olegovich

Internet store - web site, lodged Seller, placed on the server and having an Internet address (mirror site There are Goods for ordering and payment/delivery terms and conditions on the web site,

Web site - (mirror site

Goods - product of labor made for sale

Order - client request for delivery of Goods from the web site to notified address recorded in proper form.

Delivery service - third party service provider, who works under contract with Seller and delivers Orders to Clients.

1. General conditions

1.1. The Web site is operated by and belonged to self-employed entrepreneur Reznichenko Georgy Olegovich.

1.2. When ordering goods by means of website, Client accepts Sales Conditions (hereinafter- Conditions) noted below.

1.3. Existing Conditions as well as information about Goods, presented on the Web site, are public offering to entry into an agreement of sale and purchase in accordance with current laws of Russian Federation.

1.4. Terms and conditions of current laws of Russian Federation shall apply to Client-Seller relationships.

1.5. Seller retains the right to make changes to current Conditions and in this connection a Client is committed to monitor changes in Conditions regularly, placed in "Service Conditions" section.

1.6. Client accepts Conditions by pressing the button "Prove an order" at the end of ordering on the Web site.

2. Site registration

2.1. Seller will not be liable for accuracy and correctness of information given by the Client at the time of registration. 

2.2. Client is committed not to provide username and password to the third parties. In case of suspicion about the security of Client's username and password or possibility of illegal use of Client's username and password by the third parties, Client is committed to contact Seller instantly.   

2.3. For registration the Client shall be obliged to do the following acts:

2.3.1. Press the button "Registration"

2.3.2. Fill in all the fields in appeared form 

2.3.3. Press the button "Registration"


3. Ordering and lead time

3.1. Client's order can be placed by automatic system. Additional details about ordering are noted  in "How to order" section.

3.2. For ordering Client should note the following information: 

3.2.1. Full name and surname of goods receiver

3.2.2. E-mail address of the Client

3.2.3. Phone number of the Client or goods receiver

3.2.3. Full address for receipt of goods

3.3. Final date of order receipt depends on delivery address and region, work of delivery service and doesn't depend on Seller outright.

3.4. All the informational materials on the Web site only for reference use and can't give fully reliable information about characteristics and capabilities of products including colors, sizes and forms. Client should contact Seller via channels of communications noted in "Contacts" section before ordering in case of any questions about characteristics and capabilities of products.

3.5. In case of absence of ordered goods in stock as of for reason beyond the control of Seller, Seller has a right to cancel an order and inform Client via e-mail (which was stated upon registration), phone number or other.


4. Delivery

4.1. Seller will exercise best efforts for delivery time compliance, noted on the Web site.

4.2. Risk of accidental damage of Goods goes over to Client after the date of transmission and after Client's signature, which confirms order is received. In case of non-delivery Seller compensates the cost of cash order and delivery to Client after acknowledge receipt of lost order from Delivery service.

4.3. On delivery Order should be given to Client or person who was noted as Receiver. In the absence of Client or person who was noted as Receiver in delivery location, the Order should be given to person who shows a document evidencing order placement or payment. 

4.4. Upon receipt of Order Client should check the outward and package, order amount, completeness and assortment. 

4.5.Non-conforming goods, shipped to Client, shall be returned or exchanged in accordance with current laws of Russian Federation.


5. Payment

5.1. Product price is indicated on the Web site. In case of incorrect price of ordered Goods, Seller should inform Client as accurate as possible to confirm the order or cancel it. When it is not possible to contact Client the Order shall be considered as canceled. If the Order is paid, Seller should return payment to Client by the same way Client used for payment or by postal money transfer.

5.2. A price of Goods can be changed by Seller at one's election. However, the price of ordered Goods shall not be subject to variation. 

5.3. Seller has a right to allow a discount for Client and fix rewards program. Kinds of discounts, bonuses, order and terms of scoring are published on the Web site and can be changed by Seller at one's election.

5.4. Price, which is noted at the time of ordering extends for 5 workdays starting with the day of ordering. If Client won't pay required money within the prescribed period of time, Seller has a right to cancel the order and has to return paid order price.


6. Warrants and product liability

6.1. Seller will not be liable for damage caused to Clients due to improper use of Goods ordered from the Web site.


7. Privacy and personal data protection 

7.1. Providing personal details upon registration Client agrees that Seller can process his/her personal data including in aid of product promotion.

7.1.1. If Client doesn't agree that his/her personal data will be processed, Client should contact "Customer support Service" via Web site (by completing and sending a form on the page "Contacts") or via e-mail from "Contacts" page. In such a case all received data from Client (including username and password) will be deleted from Seller's customer base and the Client won't be able to order from the Web site. 

7.2 Seller uses information: 

* for logging purposes;
* for managing responsibilities to Client;
* for valuation and operational analysisof the Web site;
* for identification of the winners of promotional actions.

7.3. Received information disclosure:

7.3.1. Seller is obliged not to disclose information that was received from Client. Reporting of Client's data to agents and third parties, acting on the basis of contract with Seller for discharging of obligations to Client, is not against the Terms and Conditions. 

7.3.2. Information disclosure in accordance with appropriate requirement of laws is acceptable.

7.4. Seller will not be liable for shared client-provided information on the Web site.


8. Other terms and conditions

8.1. Сurrent law of Russian Federation is applicable to relationship between Client and Seller.

8.2. In the case of any questions from Client, he/she should contact "Customer support Service" via Web site (by completing and sending a form on the page "Contacts") or via phone. Both parties will decide all emergent controversies by the way of negotiations. In case of non-achievement of an agreement by the parties, dispute will refer to the judiciary under the existing laws of Russian Federation.

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