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Female intimate piercing


For intimate piercing, such as labia and labia majoria piercing, clitoris hood or vaginal vault piercing, it’s recommended to choose jewelry made of bioplast. Diameter, thickness and length of jewelry should be chosen individually in accordance with physiological make-up. This material is elastic in comparison with metal alloys jewelry, it causes fast regenerative process. Bioplast is more hypoallergic than other materials. It absorbs and protects the future capsule from malignant bacteria.

Any damages of clitoris may cause partial or total sensory loss. Think twice if you are ready for that or not. There are always some alternatives of intimate piercing.

Regenerative process

From 1 to 3 months.

Сare and treatment

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution, D-Panthenol cream (Dexpanthenol/Bepanthen) before bed. Self-control of hand and genital area hygiene. Keep wound dry.


Problems are rare. Intensive blood circulation and unique microflora of genital area tissues usually promote fast recovering. It’s also recommended to avoid any sexual relations in order to prevent mechanical damages and the following problems.


There is almost no rejection.


There’s a possibility of enthetic aggressive microflora which can cause inflammation and suppurative-septic processes in case of mechanical damages, bad treatment or no treatment at all. Virus and virulent diseases after procedure, particularly diseases of upper air passages also can be the reasons of longtime regenerative process.
Contact your master immediately after the detection of the first signs of infection to make sure of problem’s etiology and to assign а therapy. Under no circumstances you should self-medicate and use any drugs not from the list of medicaments for general care without a consultation. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order.

It’s allowed to take 4-5-days course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketonal, Nimesil, Nise, Novigan and others).


You can have several piercings of vulvar lips at the same time.

It’s possible to get the second piercing only in case of complete healing of the previous one.

Author: K.Monrou

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