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Tongue piercing


Barbells with a size of 1.6mm х 18mm/20mm and longer made of titanium alloy are usually used as a standard first jewelry for tongue piercing. The jewelry should be chosen in accordance with individual tongue structure, especially its thickness in a relaxed state. It will be possible to change such kind of jewelry into more comfortable or annular jewelry in 1 month after procedure. 

Processes and procedures

All people have different tongue structure and characteristics. Length, thickness, pimpling and other external parameters of a tongue are factored into marking by your master. Classical piercing can be located along a physiological median line. If it’s impossible to define a median line, master usually supposes approximate determination of its position.
Often big and long sub lingual bridle especially with short tongue is a little problem. It’s important to know, you should have medical evidences to crop your bridle. Sub lingual bridle is responsible for your diction, pronounciation of some voiced sounds and correct physiological linguo-coordination. Piercing which is located closer to tip of the tongue with well-chosen jewelry will be easy on the eyes too.
Besides classical tongue piercing you can choose other types for different parts of your tongue: tip of the tongue, lateral parts (away from sub-lingual veins). Your master should have a good knowledge of tongue structure in order to not damage any massive vessels.  

Regenerative process

From 2 weeks to 1 month. Fast recovery depends on oral cavity microflora and well blood circulation.

Сare and treatment

It’s necessary to have in mind that oral cavity, especially tongue, has intensive blood circulation. In this context, there is a possibility of moderate or acute bulge along the entire perimeter of tongue after the procedure. This is temporary response. It will normalize in 4-6 days after procedure.

Besides general care, liquid food diet is very important for the first time. It’s ideal to eat dairy products, infant food, gruel, mash soups (starting with 3-4th day). An absence of serious gustative receptor irritants (sharp, acid, bitter, icy or hot) will have a good effect during the first few days of regenerative process. You can back to your usual food in steps starting with 6-7th day after procedure.

Use antiseptic Miramistin for general care. Wash mouth after every meal and toothbrushing. Also you can use purified water to wash mouth after every meal and toothbrushing to wash off all the food particles and protect a wound. Wash mouth no longer than 3 weeks. Remember that even so harmless antiseptic as Miramistin can have a rinse out effect on microflora. Environment is not aseptic and should protect you from enthetic microflora.
Problems and inflammation

Key reasons of longtime regenerative process are inappropriate treatment or no treatment at all, no oral hygiene or after-effects after cold-related diseases.
Drinking alcohol and other vasodilative agents leads to elevated blood pressure and depression of immune function. It will take a toll on regenerative process. Dairy products (lactose) can be the reason of candidosis in the presence of immune function depression and general inflammatory process. Be careful with hypothermia and being in the drought. Any cold-related, viral diseases, moderate and acute infection processes also take a toll on regenerative process.

Avoid any mechanical damages at least first 3 weeks. Such damages can become an easy and fast way for harmful microbes.


If you have one or two tongue piercings, there is no reason to worry about sense of taste changes or damages of lingual nerve. There are no any processes out of normal physiology of general functioning.
It’s possible to get the second tongue piercing only in case of complete healing of the previous one.

Author: K.Monrou

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