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Ears piercing


All the surface of external ear is suitable for a large variety of piercing types. The choice of jewelry for the first time and for faster healing depends on characteristics of piercing type.


Fast regenerative process depends on earlap tissue structure and its well blood circulation. Earlap is the most trouble-free and the most common region for piercing on our body. It’s recommended to use jewelry made of titanium, acryl, surgical steel (in case if you don’t have any allergies especially skin allergy). It’s allowed to use jewelry made of jewellery alloy just in case of its small size, an absence of mark on the base (place of a contact with wound surfaces), if there is enough space (min 8 mm) of the base for fast recovering. It’s also important to know if you have any allergies or reactions to golden and silver jewelry. It’s not recommended to wear rings or other annual jewelries. Their weight, loops, mechanically-contact part can be the reasons of damages and the following irregular canal, over scarring and cracks.  

Cartilage part of an external ear

Regenerative process after all the types of piercing of auricular cartilage is about timing, organism characteristics and proper following aseptic and hygiene rules. The constitution of auricular cartilage is complex and multilayer. Cartilage cavities could be the ideal environment for persistent enthetic microorganisms. Any inflammations can be the reasons of chronic inflammation and there is just one way to prevent it – to take the jewelry off and to treat an infiltrate.

For «helix», «tragus» and some other types of ear piercing it’s recommended to wear micro barbells or labrets made of titanium or bioplast for the first time after procedure.

For fast recovering, the best choice in case of «industrial», «daith» and other types of cartilage inner part piercing is jewelry made of bioplast. This material is hypoallergic, has a neutral structure, and has good antibacterial absorption (capability to take micro-pollutants). Flexibility of bioplast prevents after-effects of mechanical damages because it won’t deform an inner capsule in comparison with jewelry made of metal alloy. Some of the auricular cartilage piercings can heal for a long time. You can speed up the regenerative process if you will follow the rules of hygiene and wear your jewelry carefully.

Processes and procedures
It’s necessary to check the place of future piercing (earlap or cartilages) with special lamp for presence of blood vessels to prevent damages.

Regenerative process

A regenerative process of earlaps in case of well care and treatment usually takes from 3 weeks to 1 month. Recovering of cartilage piercing usually takes about 1.5 months and more, depending on individual characteristics of your organism, care and treatment and good hygiene.

Сare and treatment


Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution is recommended. Self-control of hand and ears region hygiene. Keep wound dry.


Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution, D-Panthenol cream (Dexpanthenol/Bepanthen) before bed. Self-control of hand and ears region hygiene. Try to not wear earphones and headphones of the form that can damage your piercing or bring the infection. Keep wound dry.

Problems and postinflammatory scarring

The most common reasons of longtime recovering and inflammations: contact with dirty hands, items, mechanic damages, micro cracks with the following bleeding and infection. Also the reasons of longtime regenerative process can be virus and virulent diseases after procedure, particularly diseases of upper air passages, especially otitis. Blunt immunity can also be the reason of heterogeneous microorganisms’ penetration.

Remember that the form of unpretty and massive scars is about timing. Absence of hygiene, wrong treatment, permanent mechanical contacts are the reasons of this type of scars.
Contact your master immediately after the detection of the first signs of infection to make sure of problem’s etiology of a scar and to assign аn acute therapy. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove jewelry and treat a wound. There is always way to avoid such kinds of problems. Just follow the rules of hygiene.

Inflammation and rejection

Key reasons of any moderate or acute inflammatory and suppurative-septic processes are mechanical abnormalities, inappropriate treatment or no treatment at all and no hygiene during treatment. 
Scarring of different etiology, inflammatory infiltration, abscess, induration, inner cankering and scar knots, scar conglomerates may be after-effects of strong impurities, infection, moderate or acute virulent diseases, specifically low immune function. An immune response - diminished or increased immune function - can be the reason of scarring and accelerated rejection.

In case of any above mentioned problems you should contact your master and he will assign аn aggressive treatment and additional medicaments for faster recovering. Remember that self-treatment can be the reason of worse consequences than inflammatory problems. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order.


A procedure of piercing CAN’T damage any large nerve-branches. This type of piercing can’t influence on biologically active points and injure you.

Author: K.Monrou

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