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Nipples piercing


The ideal choice for nipple piercing is jewelry made of bioplast or titanium. Firstly it’s necessary to check the individual structure of a nipple and measure available surface of a barbell. Remember that your first jewelry should be a bit oversized and shouldn’t compress. It is important to know about expendability of bioplast, which includes its neutral environment and well absorption. It’s impossible to clean the material from impurities and bacterial saturation. It’s recommended to wear bioplastic jewelry no longer than 6 months and then change it.

Processes and procedures

Marking the future piercing should be beyond an areola. If your master has skills of injection procedure and knows about possible body responses to analgesic agents, it’s possible to use an injection anesthesia. It will release you from pain senses. Remember if you are prone to often allergic responses, or you have a spasmodic asthma, acute chronic heart problems such as cardiac neurosis, ischemia or if you have been operated with using of any subsideary implants, it will be dangerous to use anesthesia administration. Inform your master about any health problems to avoid possible negative implications.

Regenerative process

From 1 to 2 months.

Сare and treatment

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution, D-Panthenol cream (Dexpanthenol/Bepanthen) before bed. Self-control of hand and breast region hygiene. Keep wound dry. Use dry bandage during first 4-6 days after procedure. It’s recommended to wear a loose and soft bra for the first time. It’s totally unacceptable to wear sport and tight underwear. It’s better to take jewelry off during lactation to avoid an irregular dentition.


The most common reasons of longtime recovering and inflammations: contact with dirty hands, items, mechanic damages by clothes (bra, net-T-shirts on a naked body), micro cracks with the following bleeding and infection. Also the reasons of longtime regenerative process can be virus and virulent diseases after procedure, particularly diseases of upper air passages. Blunt immunity can also be the reason of heterogeneous microorganisms’ penetration.

Inflammation and rejection

Contact your master immediately after the detection of the first signs of infection to make sure of problem’s etiology and to assign а therapy. Under no circumstances you should self-medicate and use any drugs not from the list of medicaments for general care without a consultation. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order.  

It’s allowed to use more vigorous bactericidal agents (based on spirit) without direct application just for a short time and then it’s necessary to use Miramistin again and 4-5-days course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketonal, Nimesil, Nise, Novigan and others).

Rejection is very rare.


It’s possible to get the second nipple piercing only in case of complete healing of the previous canal.

Author: K.Monrou

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