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Navel piercing


It’s better to choose a navel ring made of titanium alloy in accordance with physiological make-up for an ideal healing of navel piercing.  

It’s not recommended to use jewelry made of surgical steel or jewellery alloy for the first piercing because of a possibility of acute local allergy and the following longtime inflammation.

Also remember about the common bulge after the procedure. Your jewelry should be longer in order to keep the wound clean and prevent tissue shrinkage during a regenerative process.

Processes and procedures

Usually master does a piercing after marking the future capsule limits.

Your master should know about the structure of a tissue in this area and make piercing hypodermically to avoid an endermatic piercing that will cause a rejection.

It’s possible to get piercing across the umbilical fold radius.

Regenerative process

From 2 to 6 months. It’s important to note that this area is always in motion in the relief of horizontal to vertical position.

It’s usually recommended to avoid a physical activity of abs during first 2-3 weeks after procedure. It will advance the regenerative process of lesional tissues without additional damages.

Сare and treatment

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution is recommended. Self-control of hand and abdominal region hygiene. Keep wound dry.

Use dry bandage during first 4-6 days after procedure.


Key reasons of longtime regenerative process and inflammations are contact with dirty hands, items and mechanical abnormalities that cause micro cracks with following bleeding and a penetration of heterogeneous microorganisms from the outside. Also the reasons of longtime regenerative process can be virus and virulent diseases after procedure, particularly diseases of upper air passages. Blunt immunity can also be the reason of rejection.

Inflammation and rejection

Contact your master immediately after the detection of the first signs of infection to make sure of problem’s etiology and to assign а therapy. Under no circumstances you should self-medicate and use any drugs not from the list of medicaments for general care without a consultation. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order. 

It’s allowed to use more vigorous bactericidal agents (based on spirit) without direct application just for a short time and then it’s necessary to use Miramistin again and 4-5-days course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketonal, Nimesil, Nise, Novigan and others).

In case of continuance of inflammatory process or rejection (even after intensive treatment) it’s necessary to take the jewelry off and carefully treat the wound till complete repair and minimal formation of scar tissue. 

It’s allowed to have piercing again 2-3 months after full recovery of the previous capsule.

Author: K.Monrou

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