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Flat piercing


There is just one type of jewelry to choose for flat piercing - U-shaped barbells made of titanium alloy. Their length and general characteristics are similar. There are both old generation barbells with usual surface thread, soften curve borders with perforation for the following accretion by inner tissues (encystation, formation of hypodermic bursa), and newer generation with inner thread.

Processes and procedures

Check with your master if he/she can work with this type of piercing. This type needs special tools. Also it’s important to choose the location of future piercing properly. The location should be free from lots of vessels to avoid any injuries.

Also remember that there is an alternative option in the form of big microdermals. In this case angiogenesis will proceed faster with complete healing. 

Read more about microdermals in section about their history, installation and characteristics.

Regenerative process

From 2 and more months or without complete healing at all. 

Complete healing after a flat piercing doesn't happen that often because jewelry damages inner hypodermic areas all the time and there are 2 sides of permanent physical impact. In 70 per cent of cases this type of piercing doesn’t end by complete healing even after perfect treatment and care.  

Сare and treatment

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution, D-Panthenol cream (Dexpanthenol/Bepanthen) before bed. Self-control of hand and wound area hygiene. Keep wound dry.

It’s recommended to use a dry bandage (not cottonwool) during first few days depending on recommendations of master to avoid mechanic damages of capsule.

Problems and rejection

Besides probable rejection of U-shaped barbell by tissues there is a possibility to come against an inflammation. Also the reasons of longtime regenerative process can be moderate or acute virulent diseases after procedure. Blunt immune also can be the reason of rejection because it’s not enough to adopt an extraneous body. Consult your master in case of longtime rejection and solve the problem by aggressive treatment or removal.

Author: K.Monrou

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