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Nose piercing


Nostril or labret made of titanium alloy ASTM-F136 (G23) is the most appropriate jewelry for the wings of the nose because it has better form and makes a regenerative process faster. Micro barbell or eyebrow ring made of titanium alloy is the best choice for the first septum piercing.

There is a possibility of some problems in case of the first nose wings piercing with annular jewelry – irregular form of a capsule, tissue infiltration around a jewelry, cicatricial tissues of different etiology, longtime inflammations caused by a rejection of immune system. Nose skin has a complex structure that’s why you should be careful choosing a jewelry in order to avoid above mentioned problems. 

Septum piercing is usually decorated by circulars, rings and clickers, but there are some problems with installation and recovering: unavoidable mechanic damages, jewelry will hang on to everything all the time and it may cause inflammation and even enthetic aggressive microorganisms. So it’s better to choose not massive jewelry. It will take a positive effect to regenerative process.

Processes and procedures

The ideal location for future nose wings piercing is – physiological wing fossa, but only if it’s not a place of vessels because it’s extremely not recommended to damage them. Master should examine tissues with the help of special lamp. It’s also important to remember what type of jewelry you want to wear after recovering - nostril or ring. It’s not so easy to find a small ring for a tiny woman nose because nose wing fossa is usually located high enough. That’s why piercing is usually located a bit lower.

Septum piercing is connected only to interseptal skin, not cartilaginous septum which divides nasal passage in two. Before the procedure master should examine your individual characteristics in order not to damage a cartilage.

Regenerative process

From 3 weeks to 1.5 months.

Сare and treatment

Nose wings

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution is recommended. Self-control of hand and face hygiene. Keep wound dry.


Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution, D-Panthenol cream (Dexpanthenol/Bepanthen) before bed. Self-control of hand and face hygiene. Keep wound dry.


Key reasons of longtime regenerative process and inflammations are contact with dirty hands, items and mechanical abnormalities that cause micro fissures with following bleeding and penetration of heterogeneous microorganisms from the outside environment. Also the reasons of longtime regenerative process can be virus and virulent diseases after procedure, particularly diseases of upper air passages, specifically rhinitis (runny nose). Blunt immunity can also be the reason of heterogeneous microorganisms’ penetration.

Inflammation, scarring, rejections

Key reasons of any moderate or acute inflammatory and suppurative-septic processes are mechanical abnormalities, inappropriate treatment or no treatment at all and no hygiene during treatment. 

Scarring of different etiology, inflammatory infiltration, abscess, induration, inner cankering and scar knots, scar conglomerate may be after-effects of infection, moderate or acute virulent diseases, specifically low immune function. An immune response - diminished or increased immune function - can be the reason of scarring and accelerated rejection.

In case of any above mentioned problems you should contact your master and he will assign аn aggressive treatment and additional medicaments for faster recovering. Remember that self-treatment can be the reason of worse consequences than inflammatory problems. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order.


It’s possible to get the second nose piercing only in case of complete healing of the previous one. It’s not allowed to get 2 piercings at the same time close to each other – tissues tighten during regenerative process and it may cause irregular formation of canals.  

Author: K.Monrou

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