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Lips piercing


An ideal choice for the first jewelry for lips piercing is 1.2 - 1.6mm х 8mm / 12mm jewelry, which is made of titanium or bioplast with length selected on the basis of individual differences. It’s not recommended to use arcform jewelries like circulars and rings in order to avoid the form of redundant scar tissue and deformed canal.

It’s allowed to change the jewelry for any annular and shorter jewelry with comfortable size 1 month after procedure. 

Remember that the first few days of regenerative process may come with strong bulge that’s why it’s better to choose the oversized jewelry for the first time in order to avoid an ingrowth and apostasis.

Processes and procedures

It’s possible to get piercing across the lips. “Monroe” – is a type of piercing with a puncture of upper left lip like a patch of Marilyn Monroe. “Madonna” is a type of piercing with a puncture of upper right lip a la Madonna singer. “Medusa” – it is a piercing of upper lip in the middle. And any other variations known as «Jestrum», «Horizontal Lip», «Vertical Labret», «Dahlia», «Angel Bites», «Cyber Bites», «Canine Bites», «Dolphin Bites», «Spider Bites», «Shark Bites», «Snake Bites», and others.  

Regenerative process

From 3 weeks to 1.5 months.

Сare and treatment

Circular non-contact treatment of wound surface on both sides of the capsule by Miramistin solution is recommended. Remember about the hygiene of mouth and face. It’s necessary to rinse your mouth with pure water after eating and to brush your teeth before antiseptic treatment. An absence of serious gustative receptor irritants (sharp, acid, bitter, icy or hot) will have a good effect during the first few days of regenerative process. Keep the wound dry for faster recovering.

It’s necessary to exclude all the physical impacts (including sexual intimacy) to avoid soft elastic tissues injuries and heterogeneous microorganisms.


Consequence of mechanical abnormalities, thus – inflammation, overformation of scar tissue (hyper-encystation). 

Very often blunt immunity and virulent diseases with inflammatory processes of moderately or high severe are problems too. Don’t forget that blunt immunity can cause an oral candidiasis including wound tissues as weak area. It’s strictly not recommended to eat fermented milk products in case of diminished function of immune system.

Also it’s recommended to give up on alcohol because it battles with our immunity. Abstain from taking of vasodilating agents (alcohol, exhilarating agents) no less than 3 weeks after procedure.

Rejection and ingrowth

Given the proper care there is low probability of any inflammation due to well blood circulation of centric facial skin covering.

Ingrowths and abscesses are excluded in case of shrewd choice of a size of the first jewelry. If something goes wrong contact qualified professional to remove the jewelry surgically, to clear an area of inflammation (infiltration) out of inflammatory liquid. Then debride a wound and look after it till complete healing.


Contact your master immediately after the detection of infection and in the beginning of inflammation to assign а therapy. Under no circumstances you should self-medicate and use any drugs not from the list of medicaments for general care without a consultation. Use any medicaments ONLY on doctor's or master’s order.

It’s allowed to use more vigorous bactericidal agents (based on spirit) without direct application just for a short time and then it’s necessary to use Miramistin again and 4-5-days course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketonal, Nimesil, Nise, Novigan and others).

In case of continuance of inflammatory process or rejection (even after intensive treatment) it’s necessary to take the jewelry off and carefully treat the wound till complete repair and minimal formation of scar tissue.

It’s allowed to have piercing again 2-3 months after full recovery.


  Author: K.Monrou

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