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Colored Figured 316L Surgical Steel Helix Barbell 316L Steel Helix Barbell 2.69$ (item) 3.36$
316L Surgical Steel Helix Barbell w/ Pendant Cross 316L Steel Helix Barbell 2.35$ (item) 2.94$
 Organic Golden Horn Hanging Heart Earrings Buffalo Horn Earrings 12.94$ (pair) 21.56$
Black Acrylic Spirals Acrylic Spirals 0.35$ (item) 0.80$
White Acrylic Spirals Acrylic Spirals 0.35$ (item) 0.80$
316L Surgical Steel Belly Button with Skull Infront and CZ 316L Steel Navel Ring 1.96$ (item) 3.26$

Last item

Black Figured Silicone O-Ring Star Silicone O-Ring 0.13$ (item) 0.32$
Silicone Tunnel Silicone Tunnel 0.25$ (item) 0.63$
14g Ultra Glitter Acrylic Ball 316L Surgical Steel Captive Ring 316L Steel Ring 0.29$ (item) 0.72$
Yellow Acrylic Spirals Acrylic SPirals 0.32$ (item) 0.80$
Black Silicone Spirals Silicone Spirals 0.34$ (item) 0.84$
Yellow Acrylic Spirals Acrylic Spirals 0.34$ (item) 0.84$
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