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Miltex Biopsy Dermal Punch - Sterilized Disposable Punches for Dermal Anchors Biopsy Dermal Punch 526.00 (item)
16g & 14g PTFE and Bioflex Threading Tool PIERCING EVOLUTION PTFE Threading Tool PE 461.00 (item) 956.00
Acrylic Calipers for 150mm Long and 40mm Diameter Acrylic Callipers 218.00 (item)
5 3/4'' Ring Opening Pliers, With 4 Notches Ring Opening Pliers 795.00 (item)
Septum 6 Septum Forcep 731.00 (item)
Septum 6 Septum Forcep 731.00 (item)
Septum 6,25 Septum Forcep 731.00 (item)
5.5 Septum Forcep 1039.00 (item)
Ruthless Disposable Sterile Straight Piercing Needles Sterilized Body Piercing Needles 15.00 (item) 29.00
Viscot Fine Tip Mini Surgical Tattoo Skin Marker Traditional Ink Surgical Skin Marker 112.00 (item)
Tattoo Aftercare INK FIXX Tattoo Aftercare 565.00 (item)
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