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Sterilized Body Jewelry

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STERILIZED TIT DERMAL ANCHOR (SYMETRIC LEGS) W. J-DISC ATTACH Titanium Dermal Anchor 10.80$ (item) 18.10$
STERILIZED TIT OPEN STYLE DER ANCHOR JEWLLED DISC(1.2 INT) Titanium Dermal Anchor 10.80$ (item) 18.10$
STERILIZED TITANIUM MICRO BANANAS Titanium Eyebrow Ring 3.68$ (item) 5.60$
STERILIZED TITANIUM CIRCULAR BARBELLS Titanium Horse Shoe 4.06$ (item) 6.35$
Sterilized Titanium Segment Ring w/ Ball Titanium Ring 3.19$ (item) 3.85$
STERILIZED TITANIUM BARBELLS Titanium Barbell 4.00$ (item) 5.60$
STERILIZED TIT. JEWELLED CURVED NOSESTUDS Titanium Nose Screw 3.25$ (item) 5.10$
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