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Spirals and hangers can be used as a tool for little widening of tunnels or separately. For the most part they are exotic product made of wood, buffalo horn, coloured glass, semiprecious stones and bone. There are also cheaper models made o facryl, steel, silicone, tar. Hangers and spirals befit to people who want to mix creative approach with elegance.

Wood Spirals Wood Spirals 27.52$ (pair)
Wood Spirals Wood Spirals 27.52$ (pair)
Sono Wood Spirals With Brass For Tunnels Over 12mm Sono Wood Spirals 61.80$ (pair) 82.40$
Black Figured Areng Wood Spirals Areng Wood Spirals 18.00$ (pair) 24.00$
Red Sawa Wood Sprial Hanger Earrings Organic Body Jewelry Sawa Wood Spirals 18.00$ (pair) 24.00$
White Figured Crocodile Wood Spirals Crocodile Wood Spirals 15.00$ (pair) 20.00$
Senna Wood Earplug Weights Нет в наличии Senna Wood Earplug Weights 21.15$ (pair)
Olive Wood Spiral Нет в наличии Olive Wood Spiral 15.75$ (pair)
Black Figured Buffalo Horn Spirals Нет в наличии Buffalo Horn Spirals 35.96$ (pair)
Red Sawa Wood Stingy Hanger Earrings Organic Body Jewelry Sawa Wodd Spirals 15.75$ (pair) 21.00$

Types of hangers and spirals for piercing

The «69 LEVEL» store offers hangers and spirals for piercing in Moscow. All of them fit in lap without additional instruments, safely fixate, have measured comfort form. Spirals and hangers may be slim or wide (usually no more than 25 mm).

Spirals and hangers are often presented in the form of:

  • curled shell;
  • wings of different sizes;
  • ornate arabesques;
  • animals, snakes, dragons;
  • floral compositions.

Advantages of the «69 LEVEL» store

Service and prices in internet store «69 LEVEL» surprise to the upside, and quality of products is also practically assured. Our products are hygienic, hypoallergic, comfortable in wearing and plain in cleaining. Our company delivers jewelry for piercing all over the world and offers lots of payment methods.

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