Штанги из биопласта

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Material: Bioplast
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Flexible PTFE Barbell with Acrylic YingYang 1.6mm Acrylic Barbell 141.00 (item) 179.00
Black Solid Ball Acrylic Flexible White Barbell Acrylic Barbell 51.00 (item)
Black Bioplast Barbell Batman Infront 1.6mm Bioplast Barbeel 179.00 (item)
Flexible PTFE Barbell w/ Colored 316L Surgical Steel Balls Flexible PTFE Barbell 115.00 (item)
regnancy Flexible Belly Retainers with Clear Acrylic ends Acrylic Barbell 83.00 (item)
Ultra Glitter Acrylic Balls Flexible PTFE Barbell Acrylic Barbell 51.00 (item)
Solid Ball Acrylic Flexible PTFE Barbell Bioplast Barbell 30.00 (item) 51.00
14g Bioplast Acrylic Raitner Tongue Ring with Acrylic Half Ball 14g Bioplast Barbell 64.00 (item) 83.00
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