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«69 LEVEL» company sells ultrastylish plugs within a wide range of sizes and forms. There you can find various plugs in diameter from 1,6 mm to 50 mm. We also have plugs in the form of cylinder, headed, with pendants, fixing taken up ring. This jewelry for really freethinking people, who is looking for new ways to express themselves.

Single Flared w/ O-Ring Black Pirex Glass Plug Glass Plug 8.80$ (item)
Black and White Double Flared Glass Plug Glass Plug 3.75$ (item)
Double Flared Saddle Fit Concave Stone Plugs Stone Plugs 3.00$ (item)
Single Flared Stone Plugs with O-Ring Stone Plugs 7.25$ (item)
Плаги из тикового и дерева соно Wood Plugs 7.10$ (pair)
Double Flared Saddle FIt Sono Wood Plug Stone Inlay Wood Plugs 8.72$ (item)
Antique Gold Plated Large Tribal Filigree Top Organic Wood Double Flared Saddle Fit Plugs Wood Plugs 11.97$ (pair)
Плаги из натурального камня Леопард Stone Plugs 6.72$ (pair)
Double Flared Saddle Fit Wood Plug with Clear CZ Wood Plug 5.25$ (item)
Double Flared Saddle Fit Stone Plug Stone Plug 10.50$ (pair)
Double Flared Saddle Fit Wood Plugs Drop Wood Plugs 10.50$ (pair)
Double Flared Saddle Fit Wood Plugs Heart Wood Plugs 10.50$ (pair)
Double Flared Translucent Gray Crackle Acrylic Plugs Acrylic Plug 2.57$ (item)
Figured Single Flared Screw Fit Brass Plug Brass Plug 22.08$ (pair)
Figured Single Flared Screw Fit Brass Plug Brass Plug 15.12$ (pair)

Plugs as a special element of style

Plugs are similar to tinnels, but without a through hole. Except laps, plugs can also be inserted to lips, chops and smellers. Monolithic mold allows to beautify it in unusual way, e.g. by decoration, engraving, paintings, incrustations. Different types of materials are meant to be used in a production of plugs.

Our store sells plugs which made of:

  • surgical steel – always fashionable and universal;
  • silicone and acryl – hygienic, light and cheap;
  • colour glass – modern, with depth effect;
  • horn, bone and wood – stylish exotica;
  • noble metal, corals, stones, mother-of-pearl – elegant jewelry.

«69 LEVEL» - perhaps the best Internet store of plugs 

We offer to buy original plugs for piercing in Moscow with guarantee of quality. Prices in Internet store «69 LEVEL» are always affordable. Ordered goods are shipping throughout the country and abroad. Сash payment/cash-free payment. Rely on «69 LEVEL» to create your look.

All russian cities and worldwide shipping!

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